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An Academic Environment Fostering Transformative Education

Acknowledging differing abilities in all learners, a Global Campus reorients traditional conceptual models of learning to a broader and more inclusive understanding of the learning experience.

A key curriculum strategy of GCF is to use the process of developing a campus as a tool for learning. Participants demonstrate to themselves and to others, personal and professional growth as they influence the design of campus and program offerings.

Three Ways of Participating at a Global Campus

Individuals can engage in any or all of the three opportunities available as a Global Campus participant.

Participate As teaching faculty:

Teaching is Sharing

Essentially teaching is seen as sharing. As a GC faculty, participants are guided to share with others their personally held knowledge areas, interests, and passions. Diverse teaching methods and techniques are developed by the faculty to facilitate successful learning experiences for all involved. The experience of being a teacher solidifies the value of one’s personal knowledge and builds upon the quest for more.

“I found a love of teaching.”
Hudson, Global Campus Springfield

participate As a student learner:

Confidence Through Learning

Participants are encouraged to appreciate their own learning styles in a celebratory stress free academic atmosphere. When one’s love of learning is engaged, individuals grow in confidence to explore new knowledge. Successful learning is determined by the participants themselves.


"I really liked this class because it made me think."
Annie, Global Campus Hardwick

participate As campus staff:

Empowerment Through Leadership

As a campus staff, participants experience the opportunity to influence the organizational direction and curricular activities of their campus. The experience of stewardship along with the successful operations and sustainability of each campus underscores the overall experience of ownership of their campus.


“I enjoy Global Campus, it is important to go to staff meetings. I am developing my leadership skills.” 
Global Campus Newport member

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