Providing advanced learning opportunities for adults with differing Abilities worldwide

About Global Campuses Foundation (GCF)

An Innovative Post-Secondary Educational Option
for Individuals with Disabilities

Global Campuses Foundation was formed in 2001 for the purpose of providing advanced learning opportunities for under-served populations worldwide, primarily people with disability. Celebrating ability, GCF reorients the experience of disability as a positive and unique life experience with the pursuit of lifelong learning as a noble goal.

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The mission of Global Campuses Foundation is to participate with and support persons of differing abilities worldwide as they create, manage and sustain campus environments for advanced learning. Valuing the voice and direction of campus participants is central to its mission.

GCF's educational philosophy and methodologies promote campus members taking ownership and stewardship of their campus. Global Campus participants are the creators and producers of their educational experiences and take on leadership opportunities as faculty, students, and administrative staff.

“I never thought I'd ever be able to go to college.”
Scott, Global Campus Bradford

Global Campuses Foundation's Educational Formats

  • Campus Seminar
  • Teaching Methods
  • Campus Administrative Staff Meetings
  • Community as Campus Model
  • Campus to Campus Connections
  • Community Service
  • Stewardship Projects

The Global Campuses Foundation Network

GCF fosters a worldwide network of campuses that are interconnected to promote authentic cross-cultural exchanges and innovative educational opportunities. Currently, there are eight campuses in Vermont USA, one campus in New Hampshire, and seven in Northern Thailand.

Global Campuses Foundation Campus to Campus Connections Program (C2C)

Our Campus to Campus Connections program (C2C) offers a dynamic opportunity to be in relationship with Global Campus participants at campus locations within a bioregion as well as with campuses around the world. C2C is designed to strengthen cross cultural understanding, global perspective, environmental consciousness and disability awareness through education, communication and travel exchange. Global Campus participants come together in person at C2C conferences, travel to each other’s campuses for site visits, as well as connect through innovative mediums offered by current communication technology. As with all GCF programs, campus connection activities are literally created, implemented, and sustained by the campus participants. With GCF’s educational facilitation, the Campus to Campus Connections program promotes the realization for participants that they belong to something bigger; in this case the GCF Network of Global Campuses. The power of this realization and the actual development of cross cultural friendships, social networks, and collegial relationships offer significant benefits to all involved.

Global Campuses Foundation's Resources

Global Campuses Foundation develops and directs financial and human resources to support its world campuses. The foundation relies upon a diversity of funding sources including private and corporate donations, partnership agreements, grants, in kind, and pro bono services. Additionally each campus generates its own resources. GCF is a 501(c)(3) USA based NGO


Jamie Gage

Jamie Gage is the General Manager of and has been on the Board of Global Campuses Foundation since 2011, taking over as Chair in 2014. Prior to joining GCF, Jamie was on the Board of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, has served as a marketing manager, front desk clerk, photo editor, ski instructor, bellman, and freelance poet and writer who has won fellowships to the Vermont Council on the Arts and Vermont Studio Center. A strong social justice advocate, Jamie became interested in the great work of Global Campuses Foundation over several years talking to Jim and Sherry outside the Tewksbury family home in Randolph, Vermont. Currently, Jamie lives in Stockbridge where he enjoys writing and music, winter sports, wood management, and spending time with his children.

Board Member

Richard Forbes

An effective writer, researcher, counselor, teacher, group facilitator and administrator with strong international social sciences background, specializing in Third World political development and organizational process in acculturative conditions. Speaks fluent French. Richard spent many years working abroad beginning with Peace Corps and evolving to a myriad of international development projects. He holds a Masters Degree in African Studies and Doctoral course work and dissertation field work in Interamerican Studies. Now retired, Richard spends time raising his fraternal twin daughters, managing property and working with local organizations, particularly as a long time supporter of Global Campuses Foundation.

Board Member

Jane Korey

Jane Korey grew up on a farm in Tennessee, studied history in Ohio and Illinois and ended up as a cultural anthropologist practicing program evaluation. Her interest in education grew out of her work with college math and science pedagogy; in Global Campuses she found a textbook example of good educational theory at work. She has lived in Vermont since 1972, since 1981 in Norwich, where she and her anthropologist husband restored an old house and raised two children. Now retired, she gardens, reads and travels.

Board Member

Anthea Lavallee

Anthea has more than 17 years of experience as an educator, fundraiser, and leader in a non-profit setting. Since receiving her Master’s Degree in Biological Anthropology in 1999, Anthea directed the education programs at a range of environmental and zoological institutions, including the Zoological Society of Florida, Zoo New England, and the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. She was the first executive director of Zack's Place, an enrichment center for people with special needs in Woodstock, VT, and has volunteered as a board member and program provider at a variety of centers serving people with disabilities in the Upper Valley. Anthea is currently the Executive Director of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, a non-profit friends group established to support the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. Working at the interface of science and society, Anthea combines her curiosity about the natural world with her passion for building community.

Board Member

Annop Pongwat

Annop Pongwat attended primary and secondary schools in his home province, Lamphun or Lumpoon, in Northern Thailand, a small city over 1,300 years old. He studied Political Science at the prestigious university, Chulalongkorn, in the capital city of Bangkok. Dr. Annop’s main academic and professional career at the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University (CMU), was in the field of educational administration where he also served as Dean to several colleges. He went back to pursue his further studies at Stanford University, for M.A. degree, and then at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, for doctoral degree. Dr. Annop has served as an advisor to GCF and the Thailand campus participants since 2002 and has increased his involvement following his official retirement from the University in late 2014. Given his long association with CMU and members of its more than 20 Faculties, his contributions to the creating and strengthening of the culture of disability within the campus and among various groups and individuals, public and private, in the outside community are well recognized.

Executive Director

Matthew DeGroot

Matthew DeGroot brings 25 years of for-profit and non-profit leadership experience in the design and implementation of adult education, training, and community development programs. He has an abiding commitment to helping people of all backgrounds and abilities come together to leverage their collective strength. Prior to joining GCF, Matthew worked for several years as the Director of Asia Programs at the Institute for Sustainable Communities, where he helped to design, establish and grow development projects in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand. Matthew lives in Vermont with his wife and three children. In addition to his passion for GCF, Matthew enjoys traveling, cooking, creative writing, and serving on his local school board.

Associate Director

Patti Gannon

Patti is excited to have joined Global Campuses Foundation as of August 2014. Her background before moving to Vermont included her work in higher education at Boston University School of Management as an administrator and academic advisor. Patti Has a BA from Bates College and an MA in higher education from Boston College. A Vermont resident since 2001, she has served in administrative roles in a non profit, as an executive director of a professional organization, and in higher education. Patti lives in Williston with her husband and three children and spends her free time running, reading and enjoying visits with her extended family.

Curriculum Specialist, Academic Coordinator, USA

Pam Fitzgerald

Pam began her journey with Global Campuses Foundation in September 2007.After practicing law for many years in Massachusetts and Vermont, Pam was returned to the field of education after volunteering with recreational programs for adults and children with differing abilities. She received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Vermont and her law degree from Suffolk University Law School. She recently received her Master’s degree in Education. Her graduate studies focused on Curriculum and Instruction as well as topics in Special Education. Pam is an avid reader and also enjoys gardening, running, swimming and traveling, especially to warmer climates.

Academic Coordinator, USA

Jared Coolum

Jared began his work at Global Campuses Foundation in the autumn of 2013. Having worked in human services for nearly five years and also sharing a close relationship with several persons with differing abilities his entire life, it was a great opportunity for him to join GCF as he enjoys the entire experience that Global Campus has to offer. Jared received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Classics from Saint Michael’s College in 2007. A native Vermonter, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children; being outdoors, reading, and watching movies.

Academic Coordinator, USA

Mary Whitcomb

GCF welcomes Mary to our team of Academic Coordinators as of August 2015. She grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire, graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in English and later received her Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School in May, 2011. Along with practicing law, she then moved into educational services in Massachusetts pursuing her love of teaching and academic advisement. She recently relocated to Vermont with her husband and chocolate lab, Rosie. In her spare time, Mary enjoys hiking, reading, and painting. A testimony to her passion for hiking, Mary spent a month hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2008.

Director of International Affairs & Co-Founder

James Tewksbury

James Tewksbury, Director of International Affairs, brings 35 years of educational leadership experience in higher education in the areas of education, psychology, and human development. He has taught in and administered teacher education programs in special education and early childhood education at colleges and universities in Vermont, Michigan, Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona and Thailand, as well as directed programs for at-risk adolescents and adults preparing to attend college. In his role at GCF, Jim has inspired colleagues, campus participants, and GCF’s partners with his passion for innovative and transformative approaches toward viewing the human condition. He resides in Vermont and Thailand enjoying skiing, motorcycling and spending time with his extended family.

Senior Advisor & Co-Founder

Sheryl Tewksbury

Sheryl Tewksbury draws from a professional background of 25 years of scholarship and educational experience as a college instructor in Women’s history, American government, English and Developmental Studies. Along with teaching, she served in administrative roles for higher education programs in Vermont, Arizona, Iowa and Thailand. Since 2001, Sheryl’s leadership has taken Global Campuses Foundation from its grassroots status to a successful social profit organization supporting transformative learning experiences for hundreds of adults with differing abilities and their allies. In her leisure, she enjoys reading, travel, yoga and meditation.

GCF Regional Director: Southeast Asia

Kachakorn Thaveesri (Ka)

Kachakorn is a founding core group member of Global Campus Chiang Mai who became the Director when it began in July 2002. She readily evolved as a strong natural leader well known for her successful counseling and facilitating skills. She loves to encourage the sharing of stories, dreams and learning experiences amongst everyone she meets. In 2009, Ka became the GCF Regional Director for Southeast Asia where she oversees campus development in Thailand and surrounding countries. Growing in confidence over the years, Ka has confirmed her belief in the power of higher education to enhance the lives of all people making the world a better place; a world of friendship, love, caring and peace. Ka loves her family, animals-especially dogs, and expressing herself through many forms of art. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in 2014 through Sukhothai Thammathiraj University.

Director of Global Campus Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yutthaphon Damrongchuensakun (Non)

Non is one of the founders of Global Campus Chiang Mai since its inception in 2002 as a GCF Demonstration Campus in Thailand. As a key administrator, Non works with campus participants to develop their campuses in Chiang Mai and in Northern Thailand. His work responsibilities reflect his passions and skills in media, finance, and networking while also actively involved in community service representing the voice of persons with disabilities as a member of local and regional committees and boards for medical/ health issues, labor concerns, and consumer protection. Non’s other interests include creative thinking and a love for learning about Lanna Culture (northern Thai culture) even though he was born in central Thailand. Non received his Bachelor of Public Administration (B.PA.)from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.

Director of Global Campus Nan, Thailand

Somkuan Thanapat

Somkuan has been the Director of Global Campus Nan since 2008. She is the single mother of a son and a daughter, and comes from a large family of brothers and sisters. Somkuan has had a lot of experience with fieldwork as a village volunteer, facilitator, and vocational trainer. She created a program for saving money for the future and specifically for a funeral fund to help people with disabilities in rural villages. In her role with Global Campuses, she has learned how to identify and cooperate with government organizations focusing on developing the quality of life for persons who experience disability. Somkuan enjoys listening to music and reading books.

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